GUI Wallet Beta


We're working hard on the next release of the beta wallet. Stay tuned for updates!

Screenshot of the Coda Wallet GUI.

The GUI Wallet is the easiest way to connect to the Coda network and run a node. You can use the wallet to send transactions, check your funds, stake coda, and create zk-SNARKs to compress transactions.


You'll need to make sure TCP ports 8302 and 8303 are open on your router. You can check out our Getting Started guide for more details.

If you have your ports open, the GUI wallet will be able to start Coda for you in the background.

Alternatively, if you already have a node running, the wallet will notice and connect to that running Coda node.


Stay Tuned!


Stay Tuned!


When you open the Wallet for the first time you'll be guided through a few steps to create an account and begin using Coda. If you get stuck on anything head over to the Discord and ask for help in the #product channel.