Coda Wallet


We're working hard on the next release of the beta wallet. Stay tuned for updates!

Screenshot of the Coda Wallet GUI.

The GUI Wallet is the easiest way to connect to the Coda network and run a node. You can use the wallet to send transactions and check your funds.

Our Coda Wallet provides a graphical user interface (GUI) for simplifying the operation of Coda. The current version of the GUI Wallet will enable you to play with some of the core features of the protocol, including sending transactions between multiple accounts and checking funds.


The Wallet needs to connect to a daemon in order to work, but you will be guided through the process of setting up a node when you first launch the wallet. If you already are running a node, you can use that one.

Alternatively, if you are already running a node, for example, via the sandbox node, the wallet will detect and connect to it automatically.


Download the latest build here

Open the DMG file and drag the wallet into your Applications folder.

The first time you run the wallet you will see this screeen:

Screenshot of security warning screen.

You will need to go to Settings, open Security & Privacy, and then click "Allow" as seen in the screenshot below. Afterwards, the Coda Wallet will open.

Screenshot of security preferences


Coming soon!


Windows isn't supported at this time.


When you open the Wallet for the first time you'll be guided through a few steps to setup your node, create an account and begin using Coda.

If you get stuck on anything head over to Discord and ask for help in the #product channel.