Coda Public Testnet Betaa

Coda's public testnet beta is now live! This means that anyone can download the Coda daemon and connect to other peers in the network. You can send and receive coda, participate in consensus, and help compress the blockchain by generating SNARKs!

Join the Coda server on Discord to connect with the community, get support, and learn about how you can participate in weekly challenges for Testnet Points*. Check out the Testnet Leaderboard to see who is winning this week's challenges.

Testnet Pointsa

The goal of Testnet Points* is to recognize Coda community members who are actively involved in the network. There will be regular challenges to make it fun, interesting, and foster some friendly competition! Points can be won in several ways like being first to complete a challenge, contributing code to Coda, or being an excellent community member and helping others out.

The current challenges are:

Challenge #1: Connect to Testnet - 1000 pts for anyone who sends a transaction to the echo service.

BONUS: An additional 2000 pts to the first person to complete the challenge, and an additional 1000 points to the second person to complete the challenge.

  • NOTE: Degraded to 50% of original point value and bonus has expired.

Challenge #2 (on-going): Community Helper - 300 pts are awarded to anyone who helps another member of the community. This could include answering a question, helping them navigate the docs, and generally giving support and encouragement for those trying hard to get involved. We can only award points for what we see, so make sure you’re doing it in one of the official testnet channels so everyone can learn!

Challenge #3 (on-going): Join Discord - 100 pts awarded for introducing yourself in the #testnet-general channel. Name, location and what you’re excited about are all good things to share in order to get the points!

Challenge #4 (on-going): Community MVP - Each week, we will recognize the winners of the previous week based on the point values below. We may give out all the awards in a week, or none, or several at each level. The more active the community is, the more points* we can award in this category.

Gold - 1000 pts - made a major, or on-going contribution to the community throughout the week. A major stand-out!

Silver - 500 pts - always there, always helping, always positive!

Challenge #5 (on-going): Major and Minor Bug Bounties

Major - 2000 pts - reported a new daemon crash that wasn’t already on the known issues list.

Minor - 200 pts - reported a new issue related to minor bugs in the daemon, documentation, or testnet.

Points will only be awarded for new issues reported on Github.

Challenge #6 (on-going): 'Nice to Meet You' - 100 pts awarded for joining the new Coda forum and introducing yourself in the Introductions thread to the community! Your name, location, and what you’re excited about are all good things to share in order to get the points!

Challenge #7 (on-going): 'You Complete Me' - Contribute documentation / material to help others to get started on the Testnet.

1000 pts - contributed new documentation - content which is not touched upon yet in the official testnet docs (e.g. instructions in other languages, for other operating systems besides macOS and Linux, etc.)

500 pts - contributed complementary content to the official testnet docs (e.g. additional notes, etc.)

Points will only be awarded for pull requests accepted on Github.

Challenge #8: 'Bonanza' - Send as many transactions as you can! We’ll link the public key to a discord account by seeing what you use to ask the faucet for funds (we’ll only use the first public key that you requested tokens with).

1000 pts - sent at least 20 transactions

BONUS: 1st place +3000, 2nd place +2000, 3rd place +1000 pts respectively for most transactions sent over the week.

Challenge #9: ‘Block Party’:

This is one of our biggest points challenge yet, with up to 4000 points* on the line for the winner. In order to complete this challenge, you'll need to stake coda to be an active block producer. Block producers who generate more than 14 blocks this week will successfully complete this challenge - 1000 pts*.

BONUS for those who produce the most blocks: 1st place - +3000 pts*, 2nd place - +2000 pts*, 3rd place - +1000 pts*.

Challenge #10: ‘Bookworm’

Reach Trust Level 1 'Basic' on Coda Protocol's forum. We believe reading is the most fundamental and healthy action in any community. If you are willing to spend a little time reading, you will quickly be promoted to the first trust level. Sign up on our forum , enter at least 5 topics, read at least 30 posts, and spend a total of 10 minutes reading posts to obtain Trust Level 1 'Basic' and 100 Testnet Points*.

Challenge #11: ‘Don't Break the Chain!’

Earn extra bonus points for every uninterrupted weeks that you participated in the testnet and earned points*.

  • If you earned points this week and last week - 100 pts*
  • If you earned points this week and the previous 2 weeks - 200 pts*
  • If you earned points this week and the previous 3 weeks - 300 pts*


You can track the Testnet Points* and current leaders in the public leaderboard.

*Testnet Points are designed solely to track contributions to the Testnet and Testnet Points have no cash or other monetary value. Testnet Points are not transferable and are not redeemable or exchangeable for any cryptocurrency or digital assets. We may at any time amend or eliminate Testnet Points.


For details on how to install Coda and join the network, head over to Getting Started.