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  • Coda Protocol Opens Sign-Ups for Adversarial Testnet in Lead-Up to Q4 2020 Mainnet Launch
    by O(1) Labs
    Coda’s adversarial testnet participants can earn up to 1% of the total supply in token rewards for uncovering network vulnerabilities, earn delegations from the Coda Foundation, and also be eligible for the Genesis token grants program that will support them in becoming mainnet block producers.
  • Genesis Founding Member: Kunkomu
    by O(1) Labs
    Kunkomu joined the community in the early days and has evolved to be a true community leader, from learning how to run a node himself back in release 2 to now helping newcomers with their node configurations. He has always been very active and passionate about the Coda community and many know to turn to him for any help or questions they may have. Learn more about this GFM!
  • Coda Protocol Aims to Onboard Hundreds of New Genesis Token Grant Recipients by Mainnet by Pairing Technical Ambassadors with Aspiring Node Operators as Part of Mentor Nodes Program
    by O(1) Labs
    Coda Protocol intends to grow the ecosystem of node operators by pairing those new to crypto with its technical ambassadors.
  • Genesis Founding Member: niuniu | Bit Cat
    by O(1) Labs
    Genesis Founding Member niuniu | Bit Cat has been a core contributor to Coda, especially in the Chinese-speaking Coda community, since the launch of Testnet beta. Read more about his experiences and why he decided to get involved.
  • Meet Pickles SNARK: Enabling Smart Contracts on Coda Protocol
    by Izaak Meckler, CTO and Co-founder of O(1) Labs, building Coda Protocol
    Pickles is a new proof system and associated toolkit that is the first deployed SNARK capable of recursive composition with no trusted setup.
  • Coda Protocol Announces Second Cohort for the Genesis Token Program to Ensure Global Participation and High Decentralization
    by O(1) Labs
    With mainnet launch on the horizon, Coda Protocol accepts its second cohort into the Genesis token program to ensure high decentralization upon mainnet launch.
  • One-Year Testnet Anniversary Retrospective
    by O(1) Labs
    Over the past year, Coda’s Testnet has grown from a small group of 65 community members to a cohort of over 850 hailing from all over the world. In fact, since launch the Coda testnet has experienced 1200% growth in cumulative members. Thanks to our active community, the Coda testnet is now one of the largest layer 1 testnets by peer count for non-ICO-ed protocols!
  • Coda Protocol Celebrates its Testnet's 1-Year Anniversary with 1200% Community Growth Since Launch
    by O(1) Labs
    One year since launching its public testnet, Coda Protocol has achieved milestones like significant community growth and high geographic distribution among participation, with members hailing from over 180 different countries.
  • Testnet [Beta] Retrospective — Phase 3.2b
    by O(1) Labs
    With testnet participants now numbering over 700 in Coda’s Testnet Phase 3, release 3.2b marked the biggest testnet release in Coda history. Around the start, one of the block explorers observed 278 peers within 24 hours (and this node is only seeing a part of the network!), and at the end of the release, there were at least 275 concurrent nodes!
  • Coda Protocol Allocates $2.1 Million USD in Project Token Grants to Support Community-Led Initiatives in Lead-up to Mainnet Launch
    by O(1) Labs
    Coda Protocol is setting aside $2.1 million USD in token grants to support community members in activities such as improving the protocol, building tooling and creating content, ultimately ensuring high decentralization upon mainnet launch.
  • NCC Group Security Audit Results of Coda Protocol
    by O(1) Labs
    This spring, Coda Protocol concluded a security audit conducted by NCC Group, one of the world's leading cyber security service providers, to ensure the security and strength of our protocol.
  • Testnet [Beta] Retrospective — Phase 3.2a
    by O(1) Labs
    While the core team is working hard on launching a public testnet, more than 300 members participated in release 3.2a ‘Coda Sandbox’, which launched on Monday, April 20th. For two weeks, the users participated in challenges, racked up over 500,000 testnet points* together on the Testnet Leaderboard, and increased their chances to become eligible for the Genesis token program.
  • Coda User Survey Results
    by O(1) Labs
    We recently invited our testnet participants to fill out a user survey to help the team better understand the community. These are the results!
  • Genesis Founding Member: Greg | DeFidog
    by O(1) Labs
    Genesis Founding Member Greg is a lifelong learner and chose to participate in Coda due to the supportive community. Read about his thoughts so far and the resources that have helped him learn about crypto/blockchain.
  • Genesis Founding Member: Alexander
    by O(1) Labs
    Get to know Genesis Founding Member Alexander, who has been active on Coda's testnet since its start and is also part of Coda's Russian-speaking community.
  • Coda Protocol, the World’s Lightest Blockchain, Becomes One of the Largest Layer 1 Testnets By Peer Count
    by O(1) Labs
    Coda Protocol, the world's lightest blockchain, is now one of the largest layer 1 testnets by peer count. With mainnet on the horizon, Coda received over one thousand applications to its new Genesis token program.
  • Genesis Founding Member: garethtdavies
    by O(1) Labs
    Learn more about Genesis Founding Member garethtdavies, who has been involved with Coda's community since our testnet was opened to public beta.
  • Solving the Scalability Trilemma
    by Emre Tekisalp
    Blockchain architectures today are very inefficient at being both scalable and decentralized, a challenge widely referred to as the scalability trilemma. In this piece, I propose a new mental model called ScaDe (Scalability-per-unit-of-Decentralization) that helps the industry design better blockchains.
  • Coda Protocol — A Succinct Blockchain
    by Ethan Hargrave
    An explanation of how Coda Protocol uses recursive zk-SNARKs to enable a succinct blockchain and solve legacy blockchain issues of decentralization and scalability.
  • Testnet [Beta] Retrospective — Phase 3.1
    by O(1) Labs
    Coda’s Testnet Beta Phase 3 is the biggest testnet release up to date in terms of new features and participants. In the last six months, the number of users who participated in the testnet and tried out Coda was growing steadily. However, in phase 3, together with the launch of the Genesis token program, we’ve seen an explosive growth in interest and influx of participants.
  • Coda Protocol, the World’s Lightest Blockchain, Releases its Economics Whitepaper and Launches Genesis Token Program
    by O(1) Labs
    In a one-of-a-kind opportunity for community members, Coda Protocol’s Genesis token program will prepare participants to become the first block producers upon mainnet launch.
  • Why SNARKs Are The Technology of the Coming Decade
    by Pranay Mohan
    What if we could, without trust, interact with other parties, and be assured through cryptography that our data would never be leaked? This is where zk-SNARKs come in. In the same way that Bitcoin was a call to action around reasserting our financial ownership, SNARKs in the same vein will help us assert our computational ownership.
  • Coda Protocol Testnet [Beta] Retrospective — Winter Special
    by Christine Yip
    Last month, we had a Winter Special testnet event. The event kicked off with a soft-fork from the Phase 2.4 testnet and we hoped to achieve a new milestone for keeping the network up and running for longer than ever before on the Testnet Beta. The community exceeded all our expectations — read on about all the milestones and the new guides and tools that they created.
  • What are zk-SNARKs?
    The Complete Guide to Crypto's Most Powerful Proofs
    by O(1) Labs
    Zero Knowledge Proofs. These terms are frequently used in cryptocurrency circles, often in the context of making transactions private. In the context of Coda Protocol, they are an essential part of our principal innovation: a small, constant-sized blockchain. But the question remains: what actually are they?
  • Coda Protocol Testnet [Beta] Retrospective — Phase 2
    by O(1) Labs
    After two more months of testing and hardening the Coda protocol, we’ve arrived at the end of Testnet Phase 2. The goal of Phase 2 was to ensure that these features would be durable — that they would last on longer testnets, and snowball into an increasingly viable mainnet release candidate. See below for more detail on how Phase 2 progressed.
  • Testnet [Beta] Retrospective — Phase 2.4
    by O(1) Labs
    Coda’s Testnet Beta Phase 2 is concluded! Release 2.4 ‘Rising-Phoenix’ made a great, stable ending of Phase 2. At the time of writing, the block height reached almost 4000 and it was capable of handling the activity peaks during Magic Window hours, where testnet users were loading the network with transactions.
  • Testnet [Beta] Retrospective — Phase 2.3
    by O(1) Labs
    Almost four months ago, Coda’s Testnet Beta Phase 1 was launched. Today, we’ve arrived at Testnet Release 2.4, named ‘Rising-Phoenix’. This release is the result of many testing and moments, where we saw our hopes diminish, rise again and reach higher peaks.
  • Coda Protocol Testnet [Beta] Retrospective - Phase 2.2
    by Christine Yip & Pranay Mohan
    Testnet Beta Phase 2.2 was a busy period, marked by a lot of tinkering and breaking. The community rose up to the challenge to increase the transaction throughput during 'Magic Window' hours, and a new bug soon came to the surface, which the team can now investigate.
  • Coda Protocol Testnet [Beta] Retrospective - Phase 2.1
    by Christine Yip & Pranay Mohan
    Phase 2 of Coda's Public Testnet Beta kicked off with a *lot* of interest in the staking challenge. 70 people signed up to stake on the new release and about 50 people ran a testnet node. Together, the community was going strong and racked up almost 100k testnet points* on the new Phase 2.
  • O(1) Labs Announces Formation of Testnet Advisory Board
    by O(1) Labs
    O(1) Labs announced that it has established a Testnet Advisory Board, and will welcome two industry leaders, Zaki Manian and Luke Youngblood, as technical advisors.
  • Coda Protocol Testnet [Beta] Retrospective - Phase 1
    by Christine Yip & Pranay Mohan
    Coda Protocol's Phase 1 of the public Testnet Beta has concluded! We had 8 successful weeks of testnet on a 1-week release schedule. The technical advancement that was made would not have been possible without the participation of enthusiastic members in the community.
  • Coda Protocol Testnet [Beta] Retrospective — Week 8
    by Christine Yip & Pranay Mohan
    It has been 8 weeks since Coda Protocol's Public Testnet Beta was launched. Last week's testing provided us with interesting findings in the protocol - read on to see how a bug (!) saved the day.
  • Coda Protocol Testnet [Beta] Retrospective — Week 7
    by Christine Yip & Pranay Mohan
    We’ve arrived at the 8th week since Testnet [Beta] was launched. Last week, we saw about 40 testnet users participating in the ‘Grab Bag’ challenges and members becoming leaders in the growing community.
  • Coda Protocol Testnet [Beta] Retrospective — Week 6
    by Christine Yip & Pranay Mohan
    We’ve hit an important public Testnet Beta milestone this week — 100 active members who racked up over 200,000 testnet points!
  • Coda Protocol Testnet [Beta] Retrospective — Week 5
    by Christine Yip & Pranay Mohan
    Week 5 was an opportunity to retrospect on the state of the network over the past month and reflect on what could be improved to ensure a better experience for node operators.
  • Coda Protocol Testnet [Beta] Retrospective — Week 4
    by Christine Yip & Pranay Mohan
    Today, we've arrived at the fifth week since Coda's first public testnet [BETA] was released. It has been incredibly fun to dive in with the core group of our community evangelists. While stress-testing the network, testing main parts of the core protocol, staking, and producing blocks, unexpected situations arised and the community graciously embraced these surprises.
  • Coda Protocol Testnet [Beta] Retrospective — Week 3
    by Christine Yip & Pranay Mohan
    This is the fourth week that the Coda public testnet has been live! Last week, with the help of the early adopters in the community, we successfully stress-tested the network with increased transaction throughput, allowing us to identify potential issues and resolve them before the mainnet launch.
  • Coda Protocol Testnet [Beta] Retrospective — Week 2
    by Christine Yip & Pranay Mohan
    Since we launched Coda’s first public testnet in beta on July 24th, 2019, we’ve had 56 Codans connect and 74 rank on the leaderboard. Competition has been pretty fierce, but fellow Codans are a helpful bunch.
  • Coda Protocol Testnet [Beta] Retrospective — Week 1
    by Claire Kart
    Coda Protocol launched its first public testnet in beta on July 24th 2019 at 2pm PST. As the first succinct blockchain, it generated significant interest from the community. Our community of early-adopters showed up in full-force, with over 250 people joining. Of those, 32 people successfully ran a Coda node, connected to the network, and sent their first transaction.
  • Zero-knowledge Proofs: An Intuitive Explanation
    by Vanishree Rao
    Zero-knowledge proofs (ZKPs) are a powerful cryptographic primitive that enables you to prove that you have a secret, without revealing it to anyone. If you are hearing about ZKPs for the first time, you are likely to say "Hah! That sounds impossible." Read on to get an intuitive understanding of what they are.
  • New O(1) Labs Funding and Coda in 2019
    by Evan Shapiro
    We’re excited to announce that last fall, we finished a new round of funding for O(1) Labs! We raised $15M from a group of fantastic investors including Accomplice, Coinbase Ventures, Paradigm, and General Catalyst.
  • A Snarky Exponential Function
    Simulating real numbers using finite field arithmetic
    by Izaak Meckler
    In Coda, we use the proof-of-stake protocol Ouroboros for consensus. Naturally since this is Coda, that means we have to check proofs-of-stake inside a SNARK. We'll go through a very cool technique for computing such a thing.
  • O(1) Labs Releases Testnet [Beta] for Coda Protocol, the First Succinct Blockchain
    by Claire Kart
    We’re thrilled to announce that Coda Protocol launched its first public testnet in Beta today, July 24th 2019 at 2pm PST. We’ve seen interest from more than 700 members of our community in joining, so we expect that this will be an exciting and engaging process thanks to the efforts of a core group of our community evangelists.
  • Fast Accumulation on Streams
    Succinctly Verifying Coda’s Ledger
    by Brandon Kase
    While developing Coda, we came across an interesting problem that uncovered a much more general and potentially widely applicable problem: Taking advantage of parallelism when combining a large amount of data streaming in over time. We were able to come up with a solution that scales up to any throughput optimally while simultaneously minimizing latency and space usage.
  • Coda + Dekrypt: The SNARK Challenge
    A global competition to speed up the SNARK prover
    by Coda
    Coda Protocol, CoinList, and DeKrypt are partnering to launch a $100k global public research challenge to dramatically speed up zk-SNARKs. We expect the contest to produce huge advancements in the state of the art. We'll be contributing all of those advancements back to the public domain with a permissive open-source license that allows them to be used by the broader crypto ecosystem.
  • Functional programming + crypto reading list
    by Brad Cohn
    Recently a candidate sent us a very thoughtful email asking what kind of knowledge we're looking for in a candidate. It set off a discussion at the office, as we wondered what direction we could provide candidates who might not yet have all of the perfect qualifications. Below is our response to the candidate, giving guidance on what kinds of knowledge we are looking for in candidates.
  • Snarky: A high-level language for verifiable computation
    by Izaak Meckler
    Living in the world today requires giving up a lot of control. We give up control of our financial lives to banks and unaccountable credit bureaus. We give up control of our most intimate data to use online services like Facebook, Amazon, and Google.