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A cryptocurrency with a tiny portable blockchain.

Coda swaps the traditional blockchain for a tiny cryptographic proof, enabling a cryptocurrency as accessible as any other app or website. This makes it dramatically easier to develop user friendly crypto apps that run natively in the browser, and enables more inclusive, sustainable consensus.

Get started on Coda by applying for the Genesis Token Program.

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Build global cryptocurrency apps with Coda

<script src="coda_api.js"></script>
      .then(() => Coda.requestWallet())
      .then((wallet) =>

Build apps and games that take advantage of the new capabilities enabled by cryptocurrency with just a script tag and a few lines of javascript.

Your users will have a seamless, secure experience without having to download any extensions or trust additional 3rd parties.

Inclusive consensus

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Simple, fair consensus designed so you can participate . Participation is proportional to how much stake you have in the protocol with no lockups, no forced delegation, and low bandwidth requirements.

With just a small stake you'll be able to participate directly in consensus.

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Sustainable scalability

With Coda's constant sized blockchain and energy efficient consensus, Coda will be sustainable even as it scales to thousands of transactions per second, millions of users, and years of transactions history .

Help compress Coda by participating in snarking. Just like mining, with snarking anyone can contribute their compute to the network to help compress the blockchain.